Practice makes
life perfect.

Vitality through holistically activating training.

Daily training.
Supervised or independent.

Each training session with the app has a specific theme (e.g. water) and contains a sequence of exercises that stimulate the various human senses. Each theme has 4 difficulty levels.

Movement and perception exercises to warm up are followed by trivia questions, math problems, cloze texts and words, riddles, picture pairs, problem solving pictures, audio riddles and more.


At home

Stay active - independently or with relatives.


Supervised training with experts or trained volunteers.


Use in health and care centers for individuals and in group settings.

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Activating training via tablet app

Whether at home, mobile with trained caregivers, or in health and care centers: Daily training with the BRAINMEE app activates cognitive performance.

In cooperation with the JOANNEUM RESEARCH research association, the Medical University of Graz and application partners from the care sector, our multidisciplinary team from the fields of dementia, care and IT developed the BRAINMEE tablet app, which activates cognitive performance in a playful, multimodal way.


Examples of holistic activating training with the BRAINMEE app.

New training content is published monthly after an extensive quality and practical test.

For professional use:

BRAINMEE Pro also offers web-based software for documenting and monitoring client training for professional use.

  • Documentation of training results
    Monitoring and evaluation of results over time
  • Admin area for organisations: Administration of authorisations, clients and trainers
  • Access to training results via web browser
  • Possibility of data export (PDF, Excel)

Professionally well-founded methodology

The methodology is based on a holistic training according to 5 pillars (cognition, movement, perception, activities of daily living, games and creativity). The tablet app has already been tested in practice in numerous field studies and by customers, among others from Austrian Red Cross and the University Hospital Graz.

The scientific basis is formed by several research projects of JOANNEUM RESEARCH and the Sozialverein Deutschlandsberg, especially the projects multimodAAL and PLAYTIME.

Numerous scientific publications have been published in the context of these projects.


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