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App from Graz keeps older people mentally fit

Based on scientific findings, the start-up digitAAL Life has developed an activating tablet training game that can be used as dementia therapy in the future.
When it comes to aging, there is hardly a worry as great as that of falling ill with dementia. Numerous guides and support services aim to help people stay mentally fit in old age and thus prevent such a disease.

There are also countless smartphone and tablet applications in the Google and Apple app stores that promise mental fitness in old age. However, whether these apps actually help and what methodology they are based on usually remains in the dark.

In contrast to many other applications, the Graz-based start-up digitAAL Life offers a tablet application whose approach is based on scientific findings. The training game was researched and developed together with Joanneum Research and the Deutschlandsberg Social Association. The application has already been tested by the Austrian Red Cross and the LKH-Univ. Klinikum Graz. In the future, the app will even be offered as a medical product or recognized dementia therapy.

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